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$DOCAT – The blue feline prodigy on BASE, that takes every challenge to heart. Reminding everyone that you can do anything if you start off with a doodle.

With BaseDoodleCat, you’re not just trading; you’re earning rewards, burning for value, and constantly boosting liquidity with every transaction.



The Math Behind the Magic

Discover $DOCAT’s pioneering features—earn, grow, and engage in a dynamic ecosystem crafted for those daring to redefine financial boundaries with innovation.”


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Base DoodleCat Base-Memecoin

Why Choose $DOCAT?

Unlock the Power of $DOCAT – Invest, Earn, and Grow!

BaseDoodleCat isn’t just a token; it’s a lifestyle. With features designed to boost your investments sustainably, $DOCAT ensures your crypto journey is rewarding and robust.

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BaseDoodleCat proudly presents the biggest giveaway in crypto history!

1 Million Dollar Giveaway! Yes! You hear us correctly! 

$DOCAT – The blue feline prodigy on BASE, that takes every challenge to heart. Reminding everyone that you can do anything if you start off with a doodle.

And the next thing he just doodled was a massive GIVEAWAY on the BASE CHAIN! An he’s not taking it back! CONTRACT RENOUNCED since day 1!

$DOCAT – the revolutionary meme coin dedicated to rewarding its holders; the more you hold, the bigger your rewards. 

Entry Criteria (IMPORTANT):

– To qualify, participants must purchase a minimum of 1 $DOCAT at any point in time. After the purchase, simply fill out the Google form and submit your wallet address.

– Following entry, participants are required to furnish their wallet’s complete contact information in the provided Google Form.The amount of $DOCAT in the wallet will be how many entries the wallet has! The bigger you hold, the more chance for you to win!


– Once a wallet wins a giveaway prize, it will be prohibited from winning a second prize at the giveaway milestone. But don’t worry, you want to join again? We allow it! Just simply create a new fresh wallet and provide new evidence of a fresh purchase, simply as that. 

– Contestants must provide evidence of a purchase at anytime.

– It’s  perfectly fine to trade $DOCAT with your wallet, but just remember that the snapshots will not be announced they will be taken within a 72 hour period of market cap stabilizing at giveaway milestone.

Giveaway Initiations: The BaseDoodleCat department is thrilled to announce that giveaways will commence once the market capitalization reaches $500,000!

We’ve got some amazing prizes up for grabs!

For every $500,000 market cap, we’ll be giving away:

– $5,000 for 500k market cap — 5 Winners (Each winner will receive $1,000)

– $10,000 for 1 million market cap — 2 Winners (Each winner will receive $5,000)

– $50,000 for 5 million market cap — 5 Winners (Each winner will receive $10,000)

We can’t wait to see who wins! 

Wait! There’s more!

When a 10 million market cap is reached, we’ll be giving away $100,000 to two lucky winners!

50 million market cap reached? We’ll be giving away $500,000 to five more winners!

And the biggest of all! 

Are you ready? Drum roll please!

If we reach the 100 million market cap, we will have one winner who will receive a WHOPPING $1,000,000!! We are serious about it! A life changing money to one luckiest winner!

Just with one $DOCAT you gain entry to the biggest giveaway in crypto history! 

Want to make sure you are ahead of the race and have a bigger chance to win? Just simply hold more $DOCAT in your wallet.

Psst.. Don’t forget about our reflection feature. The more $DOCAT docat in your wallet, the more $DOCAT you will get for each other’s people transaction with a whopping 3% reflection, your bag will grow bigger in no time, it’s a Win-Win situation for you holder.

More $DOCAT = Bigger Reflection = Bigger chance to win giveaway.

What are you waiting for? Join us in this exciting giveaway! 

Want to check out $DOCAT first? Sure! Check us out! 

Ca: 0x83764F62B9Fd5ae2dE43904dE7E45Ff47476e2B5

Token Sniffer: Perfect 100/100

Or maybe you want straight way to hold $DOCAT in your wallet to join the giveaway before anyone else? Sure! Make sure to add $DOCAT CA in your Coinbase, MM, or Any of your favorite wallet.

Additional Information: Got any questions? We will help you, we’ve got more details on our Telegram or Discord channels, so be sure to check them out!


Discord :

Entry Form for giveaway:


Explore the Exclusive Benefits of BaseDoodleCat

Digital coins cascading into a wallet, symbolizing 3% transaction reflections as constant rewards for $DOCAT holders.

Earn as You Hold

Receive constant rewards through 3% transaction reflections.

Value Through Scarcity

Watch your investment grow as 1% of $DOCAT gets burned.

A glittering $DOCAT coin dramatically plunges into a water pool, symbolizing liquidity enhancement in cryptocurrency

Fuel the FOMO Fire

Each transaction enhances liquidity, strengthening the $DOCAT ecosystem

Dedicated team members collaborating in a high-tech command center, symbolizing a responsive crypto community.

Robust Community Support

A committed team and a responsive community ready to assist.

Transparent smart contract sealed with a glowing security shield, symbolizing robust protection in cryptocurrency transactions

Transparent and Secure

Regular audits and transparent transactions ensure your security.

Diverse hands raised in unity at a community gathering, representing inclusivity in the cryptocurrency space.

Inclusive and Diverse

A welcoming community that values contributions from all users.

Recent Calls

Recent crypto influencers who shared thoughts on $DOCAT.

Owner of @ApeGuardianCalls channel and @ApeGuardianChat lounge
Owner of ApeGuardianCalls

“It continues to progress beautifully and steadily. There is good earning potential in the medium term. I searched for 90k, renewed the new ATH and reached 150k and now it is around 120k mcap. I’m following closely..”

Owner of @Maru Gambles
Owner of Maru Gambles

“Team has been slow mooning this & building a community , still low cap and under radar atm. I’m told more callers & marketing on the way so I expect some move. I like the meme and the way this has been moving. Rewards for the holders. I think that’s dope for the holders who decide to support in the mid/long term.”

Owner of Mr. Crypt 100x Calls

“Watching this project from last 3 days , from the mcap of 9k, but waiting for the right time to call. Dev looks serious and hardworking. It also have unique reward feature. Btw it’s a mid-long term project for me. Currently at very undervalued mcap of 38k , best time for entry. #DYOR and ape wisely.” #NFA

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Be part of the movement that redefines the future of memecoins with $DOCAT.